Sardinia Family Vacation: Are We on Reality TV?


So I’m off to Sardinia, Italy this coming week and I’m just getting around to planning my itinerary. Things have been a little hectic as I transition from the job I’ve had for the last five years to a new one–and in the middle of it all I have a 10 day vacation planned. Hopefully I’ll finally get a moment to relax while I’m there but that’s unlikely because I’ll be traveling with my entire family. That’s right–my mom, stepfather, sister, brother, and grandmother will all be in attendance.

We should hire a reality show camera crew to follow us around because we are a cast of characters! Starting with my grandmother, who has never traveled further than the Caribbean, she’s been packing every runway-worthy outfit she has in her closet (“Perfect for It-al-y”) to go to a place known mostly for it’s beaches, archaeological sites, and outdoor landscapes. I had to remind her at least three times that we are not going to Milan. Eventually, I just packed her bag myself to be assured she’d have the proper attire.

My mom is no better really–she’s a diva in every sense of the word. While we were researching villas to rent for our stay on she wouldn’t consider places that didn’t look like they were designed to be in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I found countless places that could accommodate our large group in comfort but, according to her, they were missing the aesthetic! She finally settled on a monster of a villa for a grand total of $6,000 for the week, while I found several for under $2,000.

Another diva, my brother, doesn’t own an item that can’t be purchased at Saks Fifth Ave.  So both he and my mom, after stepping foot off the plane, will be looking for the nearest mall. Although he’s had more travel experience than most of this motley crew, he’ll also have two other concerns: where’s the bar and where’s the party.

My sister will share the sentiment: where is the bar. She’s a lush at the ripe old age of 23. But she’s generally a pleasure to hang with because she’s so laid back–except if she’s in a bad mood–then watch out!

Lastly, my stepfather is pretty laid back too but has a dry and caustic sense of humor. He’s the designated driver of the group–not because he doesn’t drink (because he does liberally), but because he’s the only one that knows how to drive a manual car, which is all they had to rent in Sardinia. On top of that, he’s the worst with directions… please wish us luck.

Now, take this entire crew, shove us in a small European car and put us on the road for hours at a time traversing all over the tiny roads of Sardinia… (sigh). Now picture them all staring me down because I planned our itinerary (because no one else was going to do it) and they a) don’t want to follow it, b) would rather go to the bar or the nearest mall, c) don’t trust the information I’ve provided but are unwilling to do their own research, or d) heard from a random friend about something they should do but, again, only have a stitch of information and no motivation to do the research to find it…but want me to…

Yeah this is gonna be a blast!!

Well, here’s my itinerary. Hopefully it will help you on your trip to Sardinia even if we (above) don’t use it…

Thu, Jul 4

5:00 PM EDT New York (JFK) to Rome (FCO)
American Airlines 236

Fri, Jul 5

7:35 AM CEST Arrive Rome (FCO)
9:00 AM CEST City Sightseeing Rome
9:00am to 3:00pm
We can reserve tickets online ahead of time. We should do this.

Stop 1 - Via Marsala
Stop 2 - Santa Maria Maggiore
Stop 3 - Colosseo
Stop 4 - Circo Massimo
Stop 5 - Piazza Venezia
Stop 6 - Vaticano
Stop 7 - Piazza Augusto Imperatore
Stop 8 - Fontana di Trevi
Stop 9 - Piazza Barberini
Reservation Details
City Sightseeing Rome
+39 06 69797554
Booking Info
Total cost: £17.00 for adults
5:15 PM CEST Rome (FCO) to Cagliari (CAG)
Meridiana 1472
6:25 PM CEST Arrive Cagliari (CAG)
6:35 PM CEST Directions from CAG to Villa Libeccio
8:25 PM CEST Villa Libeccio Lodging – Arrive
+39339 7793 134
6 guests
Marion Hirsch
+39339 7793 134
8:35 PM CEST Map of Villa Libeccio – Setti Ballas, Sardinia
Setti Ballas, Sardinia

Sat, Jul 6

Driving Directions
Driving Directions

Sun, Jul 7


Mon, Jul 8

First stop in Bosa Province of Oristano for a stroll 
Driving directions -

Then to Navisarda Ferry to Grotta di Netuno 
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 14 euro -
*not including 10 euro cave entrance fee 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Alghero in the evening
Driving Directions
Driving Directions
Driving Directions
Driving Directions

Tue, Jul 9

Driving Directions
Driving Directions

Wed, Jul 10


Thu, Jul 11

Scenic drive between Santa Maria Navarrese and Tiscali
*Hairpin turns through a beautiful canyon

Boat from Golfo di Orosei

Gola Su Gorropu: Europe's Grand Canyon 
10:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m. 5 euro

Tiscali Brandinchi - beach
Driving Directions
Driving Directions

Fri, Jul 12


Sat, Jul 13

1:25 PM CEST Villa Libeccio Lodging – Depart
+39339 7793 134
3:25 PM CEST Cagliari (CAG) to Rome (FCO)
Meridiana 1471
4:30 PM CEST Arrive Rome (FCO)
4:40 PM CEST Directions from FCO to Beldes HR Hotel
6:30 PM CEST Beldes HR Lodging – Arrive
Via Degli Scipioni 239 00192, Rome, Italy


Total cost: € 236.30
6:40 PM CEST Map of Beldes HR – Via Degli Scipioni 239 00192, Rome, Italy
Via Degli Scipioni 239 00192, Rome, Italy

Sun, Jul 14

10:10 AM CEST Beldes HR Lodging – Depart
12:10 PM CEST Rome (FCO) to Madrid (MAD)
Iberia Airlines 3231
2:50 PM CEST Arrive Madrid (MAD)
7:00 PM CEST Madrid (MAD) to New York (JFK)
Iberia Airlines 6257
9:15 PM EDT Arrive New York (JFK)

6 responses to “Sardinia Family Vacation: Are We on Reality TV?

  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha I luv this post!! Why didn’t you send it to everyone…lol!!!

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  2. This was entertaining! Good luck and I hope to see lots of pics. What’s the new job? Kudos to you again.

    Sent from my iPhone 4s

  3. Thanks so much for linking to our Orosei post! It’s always such a pleasure when an anonymous page hit turns into a living, breathing person you can read about.

    Sardinia is one of our very favorite places, and we’re crossing our fingers that you get to experience the supreme bliss of floating around the Gulf. Did you actually make that day of sightseeing in Rome after your red eye? (Highly ambitious!) It’s for people like you that they have those convenient espresso stands right in baggage claim….

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