Let’s Go to Vegas, Baby

Today’s Featured Gallery

Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas

Title: New York Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, 2008)

Paris Hotel view

Title: Paris (Las Vegas, 2008)

Paris Hotel 2

Title: Eiffel Tower (Las Vegas, 2008)

Paris Fountain 3

Title: La Fontaine des Mers (Las Vegas, 2008)

 MGM Grand 2

Title: MGM Grand (Las Vegas, 2008)


Title: The Venetian (Las Vegas, 2011)


Title: The Venetian (Las Vegas, 2011)


Title: Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas, 2011)


Title: Aria (Las Vegas, 2011)


Title: Hangover (Las Vegas, 2008)


Title: Cosmopolitan rooftop pool (Las Vegas, 2011)


2 responses to “Let’s Go to Vegas, Baby

  1. I’m taking my baby sister in July…. Her first time, my seventh time. I always have a great time.

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