How to Properly Eat a Guinea Pig


Every country has its special delicacy, its salivate-worthy treat, the pièce de résistance of a very exceptional meal. In the Philippines it’s a fertilized duck egg, in China and Korea it’s baby mice wine, in France it’s camel’s feet, in Japan it’s poisonous blow fish, in the U.S. it’s chitlins. There’s an entire website dedicated to weird food from around the world!

Guinea-Pig-on-A-Leash-lWell, on my trip to Peru I discovered that the coveted, traditional meal in that country is none other than Guinea pig. Peruvians keep these cute fur balls as pets and then when they get a craving for something extra special the rodents are dispatched quickly to pet heaven.

My travel buddy and I happened upon a roadside vendor grilling up the tiny beasts. We got to see firsthand how the delicacy is prepared.

1. Skin the little piggy and stuff with parsley and other herbs


2. Skewer the little piggy and toss on the fire (unceremoniously)

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3. Chop! Chop!

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4. Yum….

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Perhaps if Mr. Fluffy dressed like this:


He would not end up like this:


Apparently they taste like chicken. The critters must taste good to end up here:

Basilica de la Catedral

Basilica de la Catedral

I enjoyed this related article on the same topic: 



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