How Nicole Got Her Groove Back in Swakopmund


The truth is that I struggled with writing this post. Why? Because I’m about to go all TMI (too much information) on you all and my mom and grandma read my blogs. So I’m giving you fair warning: if you’ve got a problem with sex then stop reading right now.

Here comes the shocker: I have sex. I am a grown woman well past 30 so I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. If I can talk about taking a runny dump on my blog then certainly I can talk about having sex. I love sex. As my close friends would tell you, I often regale them with stories of my sexcapades (I’ve even considered starting a blog about my experiences dating in NYC). But as luck would have it I had not had sex in a long while. I was beginning to think that the cobwebs were going to take up permanent residence. That was until I went to Namibia this December.

While there I met a man and our romance blossomed in the tiny city of Swakopmund. You might recall that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had their daughter Shiloh there. Natives call it Swakop–it’s a beach resort town on the coast of the Atlantic strangely surrounded on three side by the Namib desert. It swells to double or maybe triple its population when Namibians and tourists alike flock there for Christmas and New Years. My hosts, Tangeni and his girlfriend Nankelo, planned to take me there after our safari adventure at Etosha National Park.

The drive from our lodge near Etosha to Swakop was about seven hours so we stopped half way at another beautiful lodge called Kashana in Omaruru for two days. Nankelo used this time to butter me up about one of Tangeni’s friends–who I won’t name. He’s soooo handsome, she said. He’s such a gentleman, she added. I think you two would make a great match, she plotted. At first I wasn’t paying her too much mind, but, well Nankelo should join the CIA because her brainwashing ability is fierce! By the time we arrived in Swakop I was ready to drop my panties and go all 50 Shades of Gray on his ass.

I didn’t have the chance to immediately, however.  First we headed to Walvis Bay, a port town just south of Swakop, where we had previously booked a dolphin and seal cruise with Walvis Bay Tour Guides. The boat ride gave me some time to cool off while I played with the seals that jumped on the boat and fed the pelicans that dropped in for lunch.

But minutes after the boat docked I found myself at a restaurant called The Raft sitting next to Mr. Goodstuff. In true CIA fashion Nankelo disappeared into the fog leaving me alone with this stranger. I got the distinct impression that they had been plotting this for awhile.

The first thing I noticed were his eyes. They were a deep brown framed by thick lashes and tiny crows feet that gave him a distinguished look while hinting at his age. The curly lashes and the wrinkles made the corners of his eyes appear to turn up into an amused smile that matched the one on his lips. He had light chestnut skin, a clean-shaven face, black hair cut close, and a muscular five-foot-ten-inch frame that was dressed neatly. He smelled delicious.

Nankelo was right, I did find him to be very attractive despite him being nearly 10 years older than me. Conversation came easily as did the laughs and the flirting. After that he was with me all the time for several days. Swakop is the perfect place for romance so we took advantage. We walked along the beach collecting shells. We watched the fog roll in off of the Atlantic Ocean. He showed me around the city at night and took me to Jetty 1905, a restaurant named after its location at the end of a jetty that extends nearly 1000 feet over the ocean from the shore. We went to dinner parties with his and Tangeni’s friends and cheered at soccer games together on TV.

Before I knew it we had graduated from shy glances and chance touches to holding hands and stealing kisses. That’s right about the time that reality kicked in. My over active mind was warring between wanting to rip his clothes off and knowing that I’d probably never see him again once my trip ended. Should I or shouldn’t I…?

I don’t typically pass up the opportunity for some holiday lovin’ so I spent about five minutes on that quandary. (Fade to dark room, flashes of skin–end scene).

We were insatiable. I felt rejuvenated and filled with energy. I booked all kinds of Desert Explorers adrenaline pumping activities that I would have never done before. Suddenly sand surfing off a 1000-foot precipice and doing pop-a-willies and other stunt moves on a quad bike didn’t phase me. Memories of our love making would send random jolts of electricity through my body as I explored Swakop. I tried to focus on the colonial architecture and the goods at the outdoor craft market, but occasionally my legs would wobble and a shiver would travel down my spine when I thought of him.

I had to remind myself of the rules of a vacation hookup:

  1. Be safe
  2. Be smart
  3. Have fun
  4. Remember – what happens on vacation stays on vacation

I was truly struggling with rule No. 4. It didn’t help that he was talking about what could be and promising to keep in touch and even to visit me in the US. I was trying not to buy into it, but my endorphins were doing their work and I was swooning despite myself.

Our little romance continued when we returned to Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, and refused to be extinguished even after he had dropped me off at the airport and I had arrived safely back in NYC. My brain chemistry finally returned to normal after two weeks and I stopped checking my phone every five minutes.

Although my trip to Namibia and my experience with Mr. Goodstuff were temporary both awakened a feeling that I had not had for awhile. They awoke a certain sense of adventure that comes with getting to know someone new and falling in love. Now, I feel like I’m ready to face that adventure head on. I’m so excited to see what else 2015 will bring!


6 responses to “How Nicole Got Her Groove Back in Swakopmund

  1. Great read and beautiful photos, Nicole. This blog reads like a novel in a good way! (Too hot to handle! Hahaha.) You always manage to find a clever way to take us along with you on your travels. Thanks so much for being willing (and brave) to share.

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